About us

Siraj Rajie

Siraj Rajie, a qualified biochemist, international marketer, a general knowledge genius (better known as a ‘know it all’); wait this is not a tinder profile! I met Siraj a few years ago through a mutual friend, his now become my uber driver, doctor (I use the term loosely), wingman, personal photographer and most importantly my best friend. See Siraj and I share this insane passion for travelling the world, his started post UCT when he took a gap year to work on a cruise liner and get a free ticket to discover the unknown gems of this world. Since we became friends we started doing these crazy fun trips together, now we are completely obsessed. We choose a destination, he plans it, I show up and look good- his so lucky to have me!

Siraj is an adrenalin junkee, I swear he has 9 lives (think he has like 3 left), he always pushes me to do the most insane things like scuba dive in Coral Island, Thailand (without a scuba license), swing over rice fields in Bali, four wheel the sand dunes of Namibia, the list goes on. our vacations are never short of adventure and disagreements – a real big brother.

One of his best traits include and the reason I keep him around his insane ability to plan the most amazing vacations- flights, itinerary, activities – with our champagne taste and beer budget, he always seems to plan the most economical trips to some of the most lavish destinations. His incredibly organized, it’s annoying- from maps to insurance he always has our travel party and I covered. Never fear, when Siraj is near.

Robin Stewart

Robin Stewart has flourished from humble beginnings (where she still stays), and graduated from the University of Cape Town with a degree in Economics and further went on to pursue varies diplomas in the Retail and management sectors (where she started to fit into life).

As the intro reaffirms, Robin has always been a passionate go-getter with a humbling attitude of ‘don’t wish for it, work for it’. She spent all of her adult life working in the retail buying industry but will always openly says she knows nothing about fashion and everything about data.

After having the heartfelt privilege to travel to a variety of global places (because she was always available and eager to go) and working briefly as a hand model in her own Instagram pictures she (finally) decided it was time to explore and explain her travel stories to the rest of the world. Every country has its own natural beauty in many forms, whether it be cultural, geographic, heavenly or just a plain smile, you will find it or we will show you.

Michael Howe-Ely

Michael holds a BA and a Postgrad Diploma in Marketing Management. He spent two exciting years in South Korea teaching English and exploring East Asia.

Michael then returned to the Mother City, and in between full-time marketing roles got involved founding and running Ineng, a non-profit focused on bringing entreprneurs’ voices into public policy debate.

Michael now works as a marketing analyst for one of the world’s largest volunteer travel companies, Projects Abroad. While his day job keeps him behind a desk wrestling with spreadsheets and analytics dashboards, he tries to explore what Cape Town has to offer on the weekends, usually taking his trusty Nikon camera along for the ride.

Michael has traveled to Zimbabwe, the UK, South Korea, Vietnam, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia, China, Japan, Australia, the USA, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Kenya, Tanzania, Canada and Thailand. He knows this because he keeps a excel spreadsheet with all his travel dates, should any nosy visa applications want the details.